Accounting, payroll and VAT compliance services

Our services

We provide accounting, payroll and VAT compliance services to support compliance with Bulgarian statutory financial regulations and tax legislation. We do care about the deadlines for submission and taxation, both in terms of filing reports and making payments.

VAT compliance

Being in 21st century and sharing a common EU VAT system makes VAT compliance an essential service which most of the businesses need. SKM can assist you starting from VAT registration, followed by the proper compliance, including preparation and submission of VAT returns, paying the due tax, support during VAT checks and audits, and if needed VAT deregistration. We can serve both EU and non EU businesses.

INTRASTAT processing

SKM supports multinationals with their Bulgarian trade compliance reporting. We will help you to prepare and file the INTRASTAT declaration in the proper format and on time. This is not an easy job if you are not aware with the local requirements. So, just treat SKM as a partner whom you can trust to hand over your Intrastat declarations with confidence.

Company formation (company set-up)

Still don’t have company in Bulgaria? We are ready to help you  to incorporate your new legal entity in Bulgaria? If yes – please contact our lawyers. They are ready to advise you for the most suitable legal form for you, as well as to take all necessary administrative steps to register your new Bulgarian company.

Bookkeeping and accounting services

Do you know what an Accountant is? This is somebody who solves problems you do not suspect you have in a way you do not understand. Welcome in SKM web page and please check this link for more info about our bookkeeping and accounting services.

Payroll and personnel income taxation

The payroll processing and compliance are among the most essential functions of any business and therefore they need to be handled by experienced professionals, in full confidentiality. No matter what is the core business of your company, our payroll team will accommodate your needs and will provide you with service which is especially tailored to meet your needs and requirements.

Financial audit

If you are looking to an opinion whether your annual financial statements are properly maintained and representing a true and fair view of the concern you may approach our prominent certified public accountants. Irrespectively of the criteria which was applied – International Accounting Standards (IAS) or Local Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) – SKM could be of great help.

Supporting administrative and consulting services

If you are looking for someone who can help you with the publication of you company’s Annual financial reports in the Bulgarian Commercial Register, or you need translation and legalization services, or just looking for hosting your business address in Sofia and many more administrative services connected with your day-to-day business in Bulgaria, you should ask SKM for them.

SKM’s clients enjoy a high level of professional services, delivered by qualified and experienced staff. If you are looking for such enjoyment please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to assist.

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