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Tax Administration,  Exchange rates, Publication of company financial reports and checking for health insurance status.

Welcome to Useful links page and Bulgarian Tax Administration. This page has been designed by SKM with the purpose to provide you with the most useful links and references to the most important Bulgarian financial and tax agencies including Bulgarian Tax Administration. Visiting these websites will allow you to check the current exchange rates of different currencies to the Bulgarian lev; to verify the legal status of your partners; to check your health insurance and social security status, etc.

Bulgarian Tax Administration

The following are the State Institutions which are playing the key role in regulating your business activities in Bulgaria including the website of Bulgarian Tax Administration.

Exchange rates

If you need to know what the official current exchange rates of different currencies to the Bulgarian lev are, or if you want to check certain historical exchange rates, you may visit the website of the Bulgarian National Bank by clicking here.

As you may know Bulgaria is under the restrictions of the Currency Board system. As a result the exchange rate of the Bulgarian lev was fixed initially to the German mark, and now it is fixed to the Euro and the rate is BGN 1.95583 for 1 Euro.

Company financial reports

Bulgarian Commercial Register

Information about all Bulgarian companies including company financial reports may be found in the website of the Bulgarian Commercial Register. The Commercial Register is part of the Bulgarian Registry Agency. Through the website of the Commercial Register you may publish the company financial reports, check for the availability of a name for your new company or to verify the accuracy of the data posted for your company, or to obtain detailed information about your present or future partners in Bulgaria. All this information is available for free.

In addition to the publication of company financial reports the Commercial Register provides also the following information:

  1. Good Standing Certificates;
  2. Constituent documents, such as: Articles of Association, Memorandum of Incorporation, registered capital, minutes of the General Meetings of Partners/Shareholders, etc
  3. All published annual financial statements of the respective company;
  4. Any changes in the company’s management, address, capital, object of activity, and many other useful data.

Important information!
Every year, every company is obliged to publish its financial reports for the previous financial year till 30 June in our Commercial Register. This can be done by visiting the offices of the Register by the manager of the company or by a notary authorized person from the manager. In this way documents are presented in paper. Optionally the financial reports can be published by using an electronic signature either by the manager of the company or by empowered registered Bulgarian lawyer. Second option is preferable.

After passing the new Accountancy Act in January 2016 the penalties for not publishing or publishing with delay the company financial reports are increased considerably. Article 74 from this act says: Whoever is required and fails to publish financial statements shall be penalised by a fine ranging from BGN 200 to BGN 3,000, and the enterprise shall be penalised by a pecuniary sanction ranging from 0.1 to 0.5 per cent of the net sales revenue for the reporting period for which the unpublished financial statements refer, but not less than BGN 200.

Health insurance status

If you use e-services of National Revenue Agency, you will be able to check your health insurance and social security status. No electronic signature and registration are required. The service is available for free.

First, you should follow this link and then you should enter your Personal Identification Number or Foreigner’s Official Number issued by NRA, or your Foreigner’s Identification Number. As the page is only available in Bulgarian language, you may use Google Translate. It is not complicated at all. Try it!

Other useful links

The links to other Bulgarian websites provided herein below are intended to help you to get additional information for the macroeconomic framework of the country, financial and business information about Bulgaria, and other business and tax information.

  1. Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency
  2. Invest Bulgaria Agency
  3. Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  4. Invest Bulgaria Group Ltd.
  5. The U.S. Commercial Service