Financial audit

Chartered accountants. Many businesses require financial audit and auditing services either for statutory purposes or to present financial information to regulators, banks or stakeholders.

SKM can provide auditing services for accounts and financial statements already prepared by your in-house accountant, or if required we can prepare the accounts and carry out the audit work at the same time.

Our highly-experienced and well-qualified certified public accountants / chartered accountants will provide you with a full range of professional services following the provisions of Bulgarian Independent Financial Audit Act. If you are looking for someone who can check that the books of accounts of your company are properly maintained as required by law you can contact our Auditors. They can do for you:

  1. Periodical, representative and/or annual financial audits / checks according to IFRS or local GAAP;
  2. Verifying and certifying financial statements;
  3. Help with current and annual adjustment of financial result;
  4. Consultations for transformations, merger, takeover and demerge of legal entities.

In addition, we are happy to assist you in making recommendations on how to further improve your accounts administration in order to ensure they fully comply with the requirements of Bulgarian tax legislation.

SKM’s prominent chartered accountants are ready to present you with attractive and valuable audit services. Just call our auditors for an offer.