Company formation (company registration)

If you are looking for a new company registration, or any legal services or want to:

  • incorporate a company in Bulgaria;
  • legal services in Bulgaria;

  • make all statutory company registrations;
  • comply with all statutory reporting;
  • get a legal advice in the spheres of the civil and commercial law …

Just contact our legal department.

We are ready to suggest you the most proper for your business form, maximum responding to your future activity in Bulgaria.

If you want to form a new company or register a new company in Bulgaria, or you need some legal services SKM can be of great help. Following the provisions of the Bulgarian Commercial Act we can provide you with the following services:

  • Incorporation of the more common forms of entity including limited liability companies, branches, joint stock companies and limited partnerships;
  • Registration of a new company;

  • Company set-up;
  • Registration of head office
  • Organising General Meetings and Annual Meetings;
  • Preparing minutes from meetings;
  • Amendments of the Articles of association;
  • Representation towards third parties;
  • Formation of new company in Sofia;
  • Change of company status and name;
  • Preparation of all documentation including Articles of association, Statutes, minutes and resolutions;
  • Opening bank accounts;

  • Hosting registered office and business address.

If you are foreigner and you are interested in the conditions of entry, stay and work in Bulgaria SKM can help you with:

  • Obtaining residence permit;
  • Obtaining permanent resident status;
  • Related legal services.

If you want to get some more detailed information to different “road maps” for forming different legal entities in Bulgaria you can visit the official web site of Invest Bulgaria Agency.

Any Bulgarian company may as it thinks fit effect and keep in force any policy of insurance against any civil liability to third parties incurred by the Managers, or deputy Managers or any person taking part in the activity of the Company and may for that purpose authorise the payment of any insurance premium out of Company funds.

A third-party liability insurance policy taken out can only cover incidents occurring in connection with events and within the context of the activities of the Company.

Any legal entity can be represented towards third parties either by the Mgr or the Deputy Mgr or member of the Managing Board. All deeds binding this entity are, excepting when special proxies are given, signed by the CEO or the Deputy CEO and/or one member of the Man. Board.

Actions pursued before court, whether as defendant or plaintiff, are followed by the Council represented by the GM or the Deputy GM or Board member.