Financial statements, bookkeeping and accounting services

SKM will be glad to provide you with a complete range of bespoke bookkeeping and business accounting services tailored to suit your company needs. Our experienced personal do enable us to offer timely, proper and precious accounting solutions to small and mid-sised businesses and individuals in Bulgaria.

Bookkeeping and back office services

The preparation of your annual accounts and other business reports depends on accurate and timely bookkeeping. Our services include:

  1. Raising and sending sales invoices;
  2. Paying suppliers and sending remittances;
  3. Bank account management;
  4. Entering purchase / sales ledger documents.

Bookkeeping is fun! Believe it or not, we happen to enjoy it. It’s our job to get the books straight and keep them that way.

Compliance and statutory reporting

Managing your compliance obligation and minimizing your liability is a matter of understanding the impact of local tax legislation. SKM’s staff consists of legible compilers of financial reports according to the Bulgarian Accountancy Act and thus we can serve you with:

  1. Preparation of company’s annual financial statements;
  2. Corporate and personal income tax returns – preparation and filing;
  3. VAT compliance accounting;
  4. Reporting to the National Statistics;
  5. Reporting to the Bulgarian National Bank;
  6. Management accounting and reporting.

The preparation of regular management reports, in a format agreed with you, are essential in order for you to monitor the performance of your business and take appropriate management decisions. Our portfolio of management accounting services includes the preparation of following reports:

  1. Monthly or quarterly reports and closings in an agreed format;
  2. Cash flow spreadsheet;
  3. Profit and loss statements/ P&L;
  4. Balance sheet / Income statement;
  5. Trial balances / TB;
  6. Fixed Asset Registers.

We can organise and maintain company’s fixed asset register to track asset additions and disposals and calculate depreciation / amortization charges. Normally we provide the Management of our clients with both accounting and tax depreciation plans, showing useful lives of long term assets.

SKM will enjoy doing your accounts and bookkeeping, leaving you to enjoy not doing them!