Want to incorporate a new company in Bulgaria? 01.

If you need information on the conditions of doing business in Bulgaria and intend to establish (form) your company in Bulgaria, then you are on the correct website. We could advise and assist you in this process from the very beginning.

Already have a running Business? 02.

If you wonder whether to hire own accountant or to outsource this activity to a specialized firm, or if you only need to optimize your expenses for accounting and payroll services, or just want to move to a new, more professional and sophisticated level of financial services, SKM is your solution. The only thing you should do is to contact us.

If you intend to incorporate your new company in Bulgaria, then you are in the correct website. SKM will advise and assist you in this process from the very beginning. Our specialist will advise you on:

  • The most appropriate legal form for the organization of your future business;
  • The most appropriate form for keeping the accounts of your new company;
  • Preparation of the contracts with your new employees;
  • The most advantageous for your new Company way of registration under the Bulgarian Value Added Tax;
  • All subsequent steps that are needed in relation to the commencement of your new business.

VAT compliance

The VAT is the most important indirect tax and at the same time the most complicated. Thus SKM pays special attention on the VAT compliance and processing during all stages – registration, filling and paying. Our VAT services include:

  • Advising on whether you need or not VAT registration in Bulgaria;

  • All types of VAT registrations and deregistration;
  • Calculation of the amount of VAT payable or repayable;

  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns and VIES declarations (purchase and sales list);

  • Support during local VAT audits and checks;

  • Managing your monthly VAT payments.

For 2019 the thresholds for INTRASTAT registration in Bulgaria are set to be as follows:

  • For dispatches from Bulgaria BGN 280 000;
  • For arrivals in the country BGN 460 000.

If you are into these thresholds you are suppose to register and prepare and submit your Intrastat declaration till 14th, every month. If you can’t do this, for any reason, you may contact us. We will be happy to take this responsibility.

Bulgaria is the ideal destination for those European and non European companies which are planning to minimize their tax liabilities and to avoid burdensome bureaucracy. Our country has a stable economy and applies the lowest tax rates within the EU. It is often called the “tax heaven” of Europe.

The best tax rates in Europe
Corporate Income Tax10%
Personal Income Tax – flat rate10%
Dividend Tax for individuals5%
Withholding Tax10%
VAT – standard rate20%
VAT for Tourist services9%

Corporate taxation

Here you can find a brief overview of the most important aspects of corporate taxation applicable to the companies operating in Bulgaria, as well as details of their amounts, percentages, methods of application and terms of payment.

If you are interested in some tax issues like:

  • How long can be carried the tax loss?
  • What withholding tax is levied on?
  • What is tax on entertainment allowance in Bulgaria?
  • Or you have a special interest in the Bulgarian Tax treaties – please follow this link.

Personal income tax is payable on income from employment, self-employment, capital gains, rental income, and so forth.

Self-employed individuals must prepare and file an annual tax return and make advance payments towards income tax liability. The tax return should be filled and the due tax should be paid by 30th of April.

If you are interested in Social Security, Health Insurance and other taxes imposed on the employees, self-employed individuals or Managers – how they are calculated, how are paid, when, and by whom – please follow this link or just contact us.

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