Intrastat processing

If you are a VAT-registered business in Bulgaria, and you supply or acquire goods, you make dispatches or arrivals to/from other VAT-registered businesses within the European Union (EU), you must record and report data on your activities using the system INTRASTAT. As you may know this system is for collecting information and producing statistics on the trade in goods between countries of the EU since 1993 when it replaced customs declarations as such source of trade statistics. Bulgarian Tax Administration collects trade statistics on goods leaving and entering our country.

This is a system for collection of data for the trade in goods between EU Member States which are not subject to a customs declaration. 

Obliged company for filing declarations under the this system are the companies registered under the Value Added Tax Act which perform Intracommunity trade of goods in annual volumes in BGN currency above the determined thresholds for declaring , determined separately for each trade flow – „dispatches” and „arrivals”. Traders with annual volumes of Intracommunity trade in goods below these thresholds have no obligation for submitting monthly declarations under the system.

Intrastat declarations

Intrastat declarations are mandatory for VAT-registered businesses, and are to be submitted only electronically using by an electronic signature. The term for submission is every 14th day of the current month, for the previous one.

Every year the Chairman of Bulgarian National Statistical Institute defines with a special order the thresholds for dispatches and arrivals and registration. Current thresholds can be find in our homepage.

SKM data processing specialists can provide you with following services:

  1. registration by INTRASTAT operator;
  2. INTRASTAT declarations;

  3. monthly processing of dispatches and arrivals books;

  4. monthly compiling of dispatches and arrivals’ book and filing to National Revenue Agency;

Penalty warnings!

Please note that according to the Bulgarian Law for the Administrative Offences and Sanctions and the Law on Statistics of Intercommunity Merchandise Trade if you are obliged to file an Intrastate declaration and you failed to do this on time you will be penalised from 500 to 5 000 BGN.

Why spend precious time doing the Intrastat declarations when it would be far better to spend more of what you are good at? We can help with this. Just contact us.